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Replacement Consumables

Replacement electrodes and accessories for use on ZOLL AEDs.

ZOLL AED Battery

Type 123 Lithium Batteries

Replacement lithium batteries for the ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator.


Duracell CR123 Lithium Batteries

Standby life: 5 years
Shock Count: Up to 200
Sold as a set of 10

Part #8000-0807-01

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ZOLL AED Training Electrode

Adult CPR D-Padz Electrodes

Replacement electrodes with compression, depth and rate sensors.
Includes: Gloves, barrier mask, scissors, razor, wet & dry wipes


For use on patients over 8 or over 25kgs
Standby life: 5 years or one-time use

Part #8900-0800-01

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ZOLL Pedi Padz Paediatric Pads

Child Pedi-Padz II Electrodes

Paediatric multi-function electrodes for ZOLL AED Plus.


For use on patients under 8 or under 25kgs

Standby life: 2 years or one-time use

Part #8900-0810-01

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Cabinets & Accessories

Everything you need to keep your AED Plus accessible and ready for use.

ZOLL AED 9 inch cabinet

9” Standard Wall Cabinet

Visibility of your AED Plus is essential so that it is easy to find in an emergency situation. The 9” alarmed wall cabinet holds the AED Plus in a carry case with an extra set of electrodes.
44.4 cm W x 44.4 cm H x 22.7 cm D

Part #8000-0855

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Outdoor AED Cabinet

Suitable for outdoor use, this cabinet secures your AED with a pinpad lock that you can set. The code can be registered with emergency services to give out over the phone in an emergency.
48cm x 38cm x 24cm

Part #8000-0867

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ZOLL AED Mounting Bracket

Mounting Bracket

Used to mount AED Plus on a wall without the carry case.

Part #8000-0809

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AED Wall Sign

AED Wall Sign

Flat wall sign – 30cm x 20cm

Part #8000-0825

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AED Pelican Cases

Everything you need to keep your AED Plus accessible and ready for use.

ZOLL AED Large Pelican Case

Large Pelican Case

Stores AED Plus, CPR-D-padz, Pedi-padz II, and sleeve of 10 batteries.
19” x 15.4” x 7.6”
(48.3 cm x 39.1 cm x 19.3 cm).
IP67 certified. Military Standard C-4150-J.

Part #8000-0837-01

ZOLL AED Pelican Case

Small Pelican Case

Stores AED Plus unit only.
16” x 13” x 6.9”
(40.6 cm x 33 cm x 17.5 cm)
IP67 certified. Military Standard C-4150-J.

Part #8000-0836-01

Training Products

Everything you need to simulate a rescue with the AED Plus.

ZOLL AED Plus Trainer

AED Plus Trainer2

The AED Plus Trainer2 allows students to experience what it’s like to help save a life with the AED Plus. Choose from four different fixed rescue scenarios or have complete manual control of the entire rescue. A wireless remote lets you control multiple AED Plus Trainer2s. Batteries, wireless remote, and training electrodes are included.

Part #8008-0050-01

ZOLL AED Training Kit

AED Plus Demo Kit

The AED Plus Demo Kit allows you to demonstrate Real CPR Help® with a clinical AED Plus. The Demo Kit comes with a CPR-D Demo Pad and a manikin in a large carry bag. (Clinical AED Plus and simulator not included.)

Part #8000-0834-01

ZOLL AED Plus Simulator

AED Plus Simulator

Simulates heart rhythm for AED Plus demonstration using clinical unit.

Part #8000-0819-01

ZOLL AED Training Electrode

CPR-D-padz Trainer Electrode

For use with AED Plus Trainer2

Part #8900-0804-01

ZOLL AED Adhesive Gels

Replacement Adhesive Gels for CPR-D-padz Training Electrode

Part #8900-0803-01

ZOLL AED Pedi padz 2

Pedi-padz II Training Electrodes (Case of 6)

For use with AED Plus Trainer2.

Part #8900-000861-01

ZOLL AED Plus Trainer Carry Bag

AED Plus Trainer Carry Case

Includes pocket for storing extra set of training electrodes.

Part #8000-0375-01

ZOLL AED Demo Manikin

Demo Manikin

Part #8000-0835-01

ZOLL AED CPR-D Demo padz

CPR-D Demo padz

Demonstration electrode for use with the clinical AED Plus and AED Plus simulator.

Part #8900-5007