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Carl McIntyre, founder and Director of AED NZ has a very special connection with ZOLL AEDs and cardiac equipment.

An avid surfer and outdoors enthusiast, Carl was surfing at Piha Beach, west of Auckland one afternoon in September 2010 when he began to feel a tight pain in his chest. After being previously diagnosed with Heart Disease in 2007, Carl quickly realised he was heading into Cardiac Arrest. After swimming back to shore and making his way to the top of the Waitakere’s, Carl collapsed outside a Café where an ambulance was called to.

As the ambulance arrived, Carl entered full Ventricular fibrillation (VF) arrest. The ambulance staff quickly administered a defibrillator and Carl was resuscitated, however not yet out of danger. After recovering from emergency surgery, Carl spoke to his cardiac surgeon who suggested he should invest in a personal Automatic External Defibrillator.

After researching various products and brands, Carl decided to invest in a ZOLL AED Defibrillator. “I chose ZOLL over other brands as the ZOLL devices are the only ones in the world which feature Real CPR feedback and assistance, allowing my family an easy to use device should they need to use it, they also have the lowest operating costs of any device and were invented by Dr Paul Zoll, a world renowned cardiologist” said Carl.

Since then, Carl has taken part in various conferences and speaking engagements about his experiences and is constantly asked the question “where can I get one?”. Carl decided to get in touch with the people at ZOLL and started up AED NZ as a New Zealand distributor of the ZOLL AED Products, training and equipment and has been in partnership with them since 2011. Carl continues to attend speaking engagements and if you are interested in having him share his experience, get in touch with us here.